Hello! I'm afreak, also known as Colin Keigher. You've reached my personal website.

About me

I work in the information security world as a security consultant, analyst, and researcher. My name has appeared in a few publications and I have spoken at a few conferences.

Previously I have helped run several conferences and was also a director at Vancouver Hack Space.

Currently I maintain a project called Canary, which collects data from the Internet that may have been leaked either intentionally or not at all.

I also maintain a blog, which chronicles all sorts of things, but generally is for information security-related work. Sometimes I'll write about other things that pique my interest, though.

My personal hobbies include beer-making, travelling, and collecting video games.

Contacting me

Generally I like conversing with people, but I should let you know that I don't respond to every e-mail I get, so please don't take any offence should I take a long time to get back to you or don't respond to all.

Requests for interviews by the media or consultancy inquiries will be reviewed.

E-mail: general@afreak.ca
IRC: afreak on Freenode
Twitter: afreak

If for whatever reason you want to meet me in person, I usually am in attendance at VanCitySec, which happens on the second Thursday of each month.