My name is Colin Keigher but you may already know me as afreak (you can say "eh-freak" or "ah-freak"). I am a computer security analyst and have been working in the information security sector for almost a decade. My goal in life is to provide reasonable, no nonsense approaches to solving problems in computer security from an individual level up to society as a whole.

Contacting Me

I am a fairly reachable person so certainly feel welcome to contact me should you have a question or have a matter to discuss with me. You can also find me at VanCitySec should you be in Vancouver and are free on the second Thursday of each month.

Twitter: @afreak
IRC: afreak on Freenode

Keep in mind that I do own any communication made to me even if you include disclaimers stating otherwise.


Previously, I worked on a breach notification and research service called Canario. The project took data from various text sharing websites and data breach data itself and made it searchable and able to provide actionable alerts. I ran the project from 2013 until 2017. I still maintain an interest in data breaches.

I brew beer! It's a hobby I picked up a few years ago and so far I've made about 120 litres (it takes a while to consume that much beer) and usually I do about two batches per year. One day I'll probably write a bit more about it once I have some time and confidence in what I am doing.

Since 2006, I have maintained some sort of blog, where typically I write about computer security but from time to time other topics may come up. I've given other blogging platforms a try such as Medium (you can find an article I wrote about my grandmother there), but I tend to write stuff on my personal site. I also maintain another blog called Security Snake Oil where I document terrible crowd funding campaigns relating to computer security.

Currently, I am building a self-playing Super Nintendo robot using a Cypress PSoC 5LP development kit. It is being modeled around an existing tool assisted speedrun (TAS) hardware interface.

Publicity and Outreach

Previously, I used to be a director at the Mainland Advanced Research Society (MARS), a non-profit society intended to promote security in Metro Vancouver and beyond. It is the parent organization behind BSides Vancouver.

Some research I did in 2013 around locating personal information (specifically phone numbers) was made aware to Forbes, which resulted in me being interviewed. I gave a presentation on this technique at BSides Vancouver in March 2013.

I've also given presentations for the local OWASP chapter in Vancouver and have spoken at Facebook at their Palo Alto campus on data breaches.